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We are PeneBerry The Face of Your Busines:

We are here to make digital business cards simple, smart and Free.
We help your business grow and dramatically increase your sales

How PeneBarry can help your business?

PeneBerry Mobile Business Card is a useful kit for promoting yourself through social networks and through mobile phones, the service is free, and it helps your business grow.

Send your business card to friends and customers and tell them to share it with more friends and customers, so your digital business card will be embedded in the mobile phones of other potential customers and friends.

This way you will have a network of your business card.Every time a customer wants your service, he can reach you directly and quickly because the business card is embedded in his mobile phone.

To date, you have been able to present yourself by exchanging business cards from paper, but a paper business card is too old, contains only contact details and gets lost quickly.

We believe in highly creative digital marketing that will help business owners succeed in their business and realize their economic and personal dreams. We do this by developing innovative, creative, and free digital marketing products.

It's easy to find a job with PeneBarry

From now on, sending resumes and finding a job by using PeneBerry Business Card is more convenient and more accessible. Many companies are now moving to search for employees and use digital business cards.


The business card includes: contact information, a photo, logo and the ability to contact us on a mobile phone, Skype, Veaver, WhatsApp, and links to your social networking profiles and even resumes.

It also lets the other party download or email the business card for a later use as a contact. You can enable or disable any of these features, so you can share as little or as much information as you'd like. The mobile business card looks clean and simple on a smartphone.

Fully Responsive

PeneBerry allows you to create a digital business card that works on smartphones, tablets and computers with NO APP , PeneBerry creates a digital hub where your customers and friends can choose how they connect and communicate with you.

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